Space exploration with PETRU

PETRU is a Corsican electronic music artist and producer who is quickly rising in the international underground techno scene. As a live performer he experiments with dark, hypnotic, and melodic techno that he performs in a powerful and exclusive 2-hour live set using analogue machines. His passion for storytelling and space exploration drives his craft.

His revolutionary Techno Into the Wild 360° live streaming performance, set in an impressive natural landscape, earned him substantial acclaim on social media and showcases his love for his home, Corsica. Based in London, PETRU has released his debut EP Kolibri Space Shuttle, and has established a reputation for his live sets back in Barcelona, where he performed at major underground clubs and radio stations.

He has also shared the stage with some of the most respected and prolific artists in the techno scene, such as Ben Klock, Len Faki, Oscar Mulero and Blawan. After Kolibri Space Shuttle EP and releasing on VAs for Krill Music and Intransikbeats Records, PETRU is now in the making of his first album.


NSTNKT: Klubnacht – E1, London, UK
Minimal Force – Werkhaus, London, UK
HEX – Razzmatazz, Barcelona, ES
This Side Up – Barcelona, ES
Technoween – Cube Events, Praha, CZ
Dark Sessions – Cell 200, London, UK
Cafe del Mar – Barcelona, ES
La Montagne – Ajaccio, FR
Festa Maio Festival – Bastia, FR
Room FM – Barcelona, ES
La Radio – Barcelona, ES

Booking: [email protected]

PETRU's Radio Pulsations from Outer Space

– All your emotion are belong to us, you are on the way to exploration.

Unreleased sonic material – handle with care!

NSTNKT presents Techno Into the Wild

 “Climbing mountains is a meaningful way to communicate with mother nature and the universe.”

With Release The Krackle sessions, PETRU brings to life a powerful techno set of one hour every week, with new releases exclusively played on Vinyl Records.

NSTNKT presents Into the Wild: Medusa Nebula

 “After establishing connection with the Medusa Nebula constellation, we got hit by a set of intense and beautiful radiations. We might want to investigate more!

NSTNKT presents Grounded Live

– “Emergency landed on an unknown planet. Engine now fails to start. This place is hostile, hopefully I will be able to fix the spaceship and take off soon“. ✨

Grounded is a journey into space with the audience. Through an analog live performance, PETRU blends experimental, psychedelic and emotional touches to the roughness of techno.