Space exploration with PETRU

The Corsican electronic music artist and producer PETRU, is known for being a fast emerging talent in the underground scene of Barcelona. 

His dedication to atmospheric techno as well as his work as a sound designer led him to the ciudad condal, where he quickly got acclaimed and invited by the major underground clubs and radios of the city, next to the most respected and proactive techno artists nowadays: Oscar Mulero, Blawan, Ben Klock, Architectural and Voiski, to name a few.

He will release his first EP in 2019 and currently performs a 2 hours analog live performance called Grounded Live.

PETRU's Radio Pulsations from Outer Space

– All your emotion are belong to us, you are on the way to exploration.

Unreleased sonic material – handle with care!

NSTNKT presents Grounded Live

– “Emergency landed on an unknown planet. Engine now fails to start. This place is hostile, hopefully I will be able to fix the spaceship and take off soon“. ✨

Grounded is a journey into space with the audience. Through an analog live performance, PETRU blends experimental, psychedelic and emotional touches to the roughness of techno.

NSTNKT presents Techno Into the Wild

 “Climbing mountains is a meaningful way to communicate with mother nature and the universe.”

With Release The Krackle sessions, PETRU brings to life a powerful techno set of one hour every week, with new releases exclusively played on Vinyl Records.