THRiPPS – Techno Hardware-centric, Real-time, Improvisation, Performance and Production Solution

 “As the winning applicant, Pierre was selected for his research proposal titled THRiPPS which seeks to explore the true creative and technical benefits and challenges of using hardware synthesizers in the production of techno music; as well as the distinct intersection of music production and performance.” – Richie Hawtin

THRiPPS: Techno Hardware-centric, Real-time, Improvisation, Performance and Production Solution – Learn more

This Is Live Techno with PETRU - A Short Documentary by Magnitude Films

 “Welcome to Kolibri Space Shuttle – our beloved spaceship cruising the outer space.”

This Is Live Techno tells the story of techno live performers in the form of short documentaries – this is the first episode of a series. Learn more

Space exploration with PETRU

The Corsican artist and music producer PETRU is known for delivering cutting edge live acts, but also for playing engaging DJ sets with a large collection of vinyl records.

His analog techno live performances already got amazing reception at E1 London, Werkhaus London for Minimal Force, Dark Sessions (April 2 July, London) and HEX Barcelona at Razzmatazz – while his profile has received a large support from the specialized press: Attack Mag, Tsugi, FazeMag, Monument have all featured PETRU’s music.

This year he has launched the label Kolibri Space Shuttle with a first vinyl record that currently has a great reception amongst the techno community – previously he had produced tracks or remixes for various labels including the track ‘UKRAINE’ for Krill Music.

His passion for hypnotic, dark and minimal techno as well as his work as a sound designer led him to get invited to play at major underground clubs and radios in Barcelona, London, Prague and in France, next to some of the most respected techno artists nowadays: Len Faki, Blawan, Ben Klock, Oscar Mulero, I Hate Models, Flug and Voiski.

His strong techno is focalised on delivering a space trip and to connect with engaging crowds, his energy is very appreciated by the techno heads who follow him in his journey.

Booking: [email protected]

PETRU's radio

Kolibri Space Shuttle EP

 “Welcome aboard the Kolibri Space Shuttle – you’re in for a special journey!.”

Beyond the raw and hypnotic beats, Kolibri Space Shuttle EP delivers extraordinary atmospheres, superb sound design and highly driven grooves through 5 unique journeys, featuring a cover of the incredible track ‘Rej’ by Âme – more info

NSTNKT: Klubnacht – Live at E1

 “The Kolibri space shuttle is now ready for another mission.”

NSTNKT Live is a journey into deep space. During 2 hours, PETRU is delivering a techno live performance from soft grounds to powerful, wild, hypnotic, groovy and dark territories.

NSTNKT presents Grounded Live

– “Emergency landed on an unknown planet. Engine now fails to start. This place is hostile, hopefully I will be able to fix the spaceship and take off soon“. ✨

Grounded is a journey into space with the audience. Through an analog live performance, PETRU blends experimental, psychedelic and emotional touches to the roughness of techno.

NSTNKT presents Techno Into the Wild

 “Climbing mountains is a meaningful way to communicate with mother nature and the universe.”

With Release The Krackle sessions, PETRU brings to life a powerful techno set of one hour every week, with new releases exclusively played on Vinyl Records.